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Industrial Design

Business Analysis, Market Research, Ideation, Concept Development, CAD  
A new product line for IRobot to induce 20% growth of the company
CMF, Ideation, CAD, Rendering 
Headphone design for Lamborghini, inspired by their automotive styling
Circular economy, Market Research, System Design, 3D Printing, CAD
A circular economy based solution for the Pharmaceutical industry
Ideation, CMF, CAD, Rendering
Redesign of Audemars Piguet Code 11.95 for a bolder look
Ideation, CAD, CMF, Rendering
Work done for Advanced CAD class at RISD 
CAD, Ideation, Wood working
Convertible Bench designed during Freshmen Year for Spatial Dynamics Class
Manav Kedia 2020

industrial designer