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RISD Rover

Assignment: Design and Render something of your choice.

Let What!

Assignment: This week your task is to design, model and raytrace a new product for the cookware brand Le Creuset.

Grasshopper Light

Assignment: This week you'll use the algorithmic design plugin called "Grasshopper" which comes with Rhino 6 to design lighting concepts. We'll also be using a secret "emissive" material to cast light in Raytraced mode.


Assignment: This week you'll model and render two existing famous furniture designs. The first will be an Eames molded plywood chair that we will model together in class. The second is up to you to choose

Let it Flow

Assignment: This week you'll model and render your own design for a faucet fixture such as your everyday bathroom or kitchen faucet, but really any fluid delivery mechanism will suffice... so let your imagination run like a river. I'd like you to try and use Sweeps and Lofts with history enabled for the majority of the forms in your design. 

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