Creativity is my Soul
Manav Kedia, 17, born and brought up in The Pink City of India in a joint family.
I’m a painter by passion and an artist at heart. My artistic aesthetics were shaped early on using a simple pencil and a small blank sheet.
After graduating from IGCSE board, my tryst with art has become substantial. My mentors at Jayshree Periwal International School have helped me in grooming my expressions & what began as a subject has blossomed into an undying passion for arts. With endless opportunities & a capacity to quench my thirst of recognition, I have decided to pursue arts not just as my passion but as a profession.
I rely more on my perceptions of reality and depict the same through my artwork. My inspiration to paint comes from many artists and not just one.
I have joined hands with a social initiative ‘Parvaah’ . (An NGO working for children & women welfare) I led a team of Parvaah volunteers & painted an entire meditation centre of an orphanage in Jaipur.
Being a creative thinker has made me a happier soul. All my artworks portray an underlying emotion and also induce similar feelings in my viewers heart. I believe I cannot eradicate all the evils in this world but I can certainly portray the realities, using my perceptions & let the thinking begin.